Let us talk about judgment today. Many souls on the earth plane are not aware that they have been brought up and surrounded by people that judge other without realizing that, by doing so they are actually judge them self and would not allow them to forgive self as well other. We have talked how important for someone on the path to enlightenment to FORGIVE. The other part of the equation is JUDGMENT. The soul is on the fast track to enlightenment if it can learn to not be critical, not to judge, and to forgive of oneself and other. It is like having the key to heaven. It is not only the heaven that is far away but it is the heaven that one can see, hear, smell, taste and feel while still in the physical body. It is what you have called heaven on earth on this earth plane. When a soul is no longer judge other soul as they are just another soul on the path just like you are. Then, that soul is moving away from the dense vibration of the lower dimension and moving up to a higher dimension. The soul on a higher dimension will be able to live a more peaceful way. They can attract abundance to them easily as they have removed all stagnant energy that has been bounded to the soul memory in past lifetimes. This stagnant energy will drive a soul to be not only critical of them self but also be critical of anyone that come to be in contact with them. It can be a friend, a relative or a stranger. So, let us now try to be less critical of ourselves as well as other and by doing so we will be less judgmental of ourselves and other as well. We do not need this energy as it does not serve us at this time. Ask us to help you release this energy and we will be there and by your side to help you. We will embrace you with the energy of unconditional love, with the energy of courage, with the energy of wisdom so that you can release judgment and get rid of this stuck energy. This is a critical time on your earth plane as the window of opportunity is opening up for all that wanted to be free of judgment, can be. We would like to give you an affirmation before we depart today. We are the Council of 12.

I release all judgment of myself and others as I’m living in peace.