Greeting to you all that is reading my channel blog. We are the council of 12 and we are the revolving 12 spiritual teachers from the dimension that is not known to you by the human senses. We come forward at this time to speak to you about the important of forgiveness. You as a human living in the earth plane experiences all of the emotions that all of the senses of the human body can detect. The eyes record the pictures that you see. The nose records the smell that it experiences. The ear can hear and record the sounds that it can detect. The body can detect and record the feeling associated with touch. The tongue records what it can taste. The body records these senses and stored in the soul memory. It saves your experiences for this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. So, you are a combination of many lifetimes. Some of the experiences that you have encounter during these lifetime are not so pleasant and need to be released at this time.

You ask why should you release these past energy and what is the purpose of doing that. The reason that you need to do so at this time is because there are unseen forces from outside of your planet is assisting your planet earth as well as the human living on it to move forward in their quest to find god (whatever you wanted to call this energy). You can only find god when you are releasing all of the negative energy that you have stored in your soul memory.
And you wonder how you can release what you are no longer needed? Well, we like to tell you that it is quite simple but it is not easy. The good news is it is simple because all you have to do is to forgive yourself and all that have hurt you in any shape or form. Forgive when someone said or done something that hurt you in some way. All you really have to do is forgive anyone or anything when that energy is coming into your awareness. Your spirit guide is working very hard on the other side to arrange the events and situation so that you have a chance to face the issues and to release whatever is needed in that situation. Many times you may not be aware that some people coming into your life to help you look at the life lesson that you have chosen to learn while living on the earth plane. But, because of fear, you may run away from the situation and never face the issue so you can release the old stuck energy and to learn your lesson. We hope that our little talk today will help you in becoming more aware of the simple thing such as forgive can made a huge different on your path to enlightenment. It can also change your life. We would like to give you an affirmation and would like you to write it down to a sticky note and stick it somewhere that you can see and you would read it each time that you see this note.

I forgive myself and other that have hurt me in anyway. I no longer need this energy as I’m living with love in my heart.