Dear Master Kuan Yin,

Would you like to speak to people that read the web site and blog. Indeed.

Greeting to all that read this blog. I’m Master Kuan Yin, come to be with you at this time on your path to enlightenment. My energy is the one what you would call the feminine side of you. One cannot live in balance if one is not in touch with both the masculine and feminine side of oneself. What is the feminine side? I hear you asking. Well, it is the side of you that know how to give love, how to receive love, it enjoys nature and arts. It is the right creative side of your brain. It enjoys a feel good movie and allows itself to cry. It is also one connection to me. I would like to ask all of you man out there to try to connect to this side of you.  When you do, my energy will be with you to help you deal with issues in your life. Are you in despair? Are you living in fear? All you have to do is call on me and I will be there to help.

How to call on Kuan Yin for help with your life issues:

1)      Be sincere when you call for help.

2)      Call out my name in your mind, out lound or by writing it out on paper or on your computer. Example: Master Kuan Yin, (Quan Am or any other name that you would like to call me with) please help me with my issue (state you issue).

3)      You can also email me via my channel David Nguyen using the contact form on the home page if you have a question.

4)      Be patience and have faith, believe that I have heard you and I do. I do hear you and aware of your issues when you are calling on me for help.

So, what will happen when I hear you calling for help?

1)      I send you my energy and am with you to help you deal with your issues. Allows you to feel my energy. Do not be afraid as fear will not allows mine energy to fill your aura.

2)      I will work with your spirit guides to arrange what you have asked for if it is not in conflict with your life lessons, and the astrological time is right for you to receive it.