This web site is dedicated to the teaching of the Ascended Masters Kuan Yin  and The Council of 12.


Greeting to all of you that come to our site. Your higher self or your spirit guide has guided you to find us. It is no accident that you have found us at this time. Your spiritual guides know that the information that you find on this web site will help you move forward in your vibration. The higher you can move up in vibration, the more it would help you see things more clearly as your consciousness is moving up as well. The teaching that we have on the site are golden keys or special tools that will help you remove all that is no longer needed in you. Read our writing. It is your choice if you would apply what you have learned from our writing. Allows our energy to heal you and to help you move forward on your spiritual path. You have to make a choice to allow us on our side to help you as well as allow our energy to penetrate your being so that you can feel the joy, the love and the wisdom that you are so deserved to have. Our energy will help you bring abundance into your life.

We are the Council of 12. We are the teachers from the spirit world. Our purpose is to help you move forward on your path to enlightement. You may be wondering what our name is so let us entertaining you on this. The member of The Council of 12 that is currently working with this channel is consist of Kuan Yin, Lady Nada, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, Mother Mary, Lanto and many other masters teachers from our world.


About me.

I’m a soul on the spiritual path. I’m a graduate student of Maitreya and Margaret. I am also a channel for spirit. My writing on this blog is coming from me as well as from my spiritual guides. I have many guides that have come forward over the year that I have been on the path to enlightenment. I’m working with Kuan Yin (Quan Am), Lanto, Hilarion and The Counsil of 12. Please read my page about spirit guides and teachers if you want to learn more.


Got Question for Master Kuan Yin or the Council of 12 ?  

My Masters and Spiritual Guides.

Over the year, I have had many spiritual guides that helped me along on my path to enlightenment so to speak. The spiritual guides are souls from the spirit world that is with you while you are here on the earth plane. Their job is to guide you to the path that you have chosen before birth and this aspect can be seen in astrology as well as numerology. They are here to help you learn your lessons by arranging the situations that you need to face, so that you can progress and moving forward on your spiritual path. They can be compared to like the guardian angels as many of us are aware of.

   My 1st guide and master came into my life twenty-five years ago and she is known as the compassion goddess Kuan Yin or Quan Am. This is the time that I started my spiritual path and her energy helps me cope with the changes and the issues that I have to face. I also learn to channel her energy at this time verbally. Her energy also moved my hands when I channel.

     Twenty five years later, Kuan Yin guided me to Maitreya web site and his teaching as well channeling teaching from his channel Margaret. His teaching has a profound effect on me and it has changed my life to the better ever since. It opened me up so that I can feel energy coming from spirit. Deep inside of me know that I have found the master and teacher that I have been looking for quite sometimes. I have come home for sure.

  My second guide made himself known to me while I’m in a meditation and his name is Hilarion. I hear he said “I’m here to help you face your fears.”  I face many fears and issues that year as they have been brought to my attention and Hilarion energy helped me face these issues without any problems.

  My third guide is Lanto and he was there to help me to open up my heart so that I can give and receive love. His energy is quite beautiful.

  My latest guide is a group of spirit teachers also announced themselves as The Council of 12. Here is my conversation with the council. “Hello master and guide. Whom am I speaking to at this time? You are speaking to the collective consciousness known as The Council of 12 at this time. That is interesting as I have not spoken to you in the past. You have heard of us via other channel and may be aware of our teaching. We come forward at this time to let you know that we are interested in working with you and that we want to bring it to your attention. It would be an honor for me to work with you. Can you tell me what you have in your mind? Well we do not have all the details at this time, but our purpose of working with you is to bring forward the awareness that man or humanity need to know so that they can release them self or helping them self to remove the fears, the doubts that keeping them from moving forward. Our teaching will be specific to those that need the information at this time. What about master Kuan Yin you are wondering. You are still working with Master Kuan Yin as well as working with us. We not only help others but also helping you in releasing what is no longer needed so that you can raise your vibration to a higher level so that your connection to the spirit world will be much closer or stronger. We may stay or not stay with you depends on the purposes that will unfold in the future of your time. Do not worry or be of any concern about this. More information will come forward for you to know us in more details when the time is right. We are a group of teachers that are very much connected to the earth plane to help souls moving up and moving forward on their spiritual life and path. Our energy will enable you to change in a very profound way. You will have a chance to open up to a higher level than where you are now. There is nothing that you need to do to prepare for this except to let it be. Live in a relaxed state as well as in patience and peace of mind just like your affirmation and it will happen when you are ready. It is not too far away we may add. Just be patience and things will happen the way it should be. You will know when this happen as your awareness will expand greatly. Your connection to our world will be so strong that you have access to the soul’s database or akashic record when you need that information to help other as well as helping yourself. Remember that when you help other, you are actually helping yourself as these people will mirror something that you may need to look at or learn from. We love you and we have your best interest in our mind. We are the Council or 12 also known as the Council of Love. We bid you farewell for now until next time that we communicate with you in this written form again. Live in peace and patience. Things or wonderful things will come your way soon. Have FAITH.”

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